Where can you go, with your passport?

    And where will you need a visa?

    Find out which passport is the most powerful, and which passport does do what you need.

    Overal Passport ranking


    The scores are based on a way that visa free give 3 points, eta 2 and on arrival 1.

    Highest scoring countries

    Ordered from best to worst


    After a discussion of which passport combination would be better to have. In case of most visa free countries, there wasn't any website which could easily show this. So thats why this website now exists.


    Passport is made using a few different frameworks.

    • NuxtJS As the javascript framework and holder of all the logic.
    • Henri's is the SCSS framework which made styling everything a lot easier.
    • Silicons for the Icons used on this website, which are totally made using css without images or svg.


    Sil van Diepen, a developer and illustrator from the Netherlands. More of me, in the footer below :)